Signora Volpe

Sylvia, a disillusioned British spy turned detective starts a new life in the beautiful heart of Italy. She soon finds out trouble follows her wherever she goes.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2022


Season 1 - Signora Volpe
02 May 2022
"Sylvia Fox goes to Umbria for the wedding of her niece, Alice. But the groom, Tommaso, disappears, leaving a woman's body in the lake at the bottom of his garden. Drawing on the skills she's acquired as an MI6 operative, Sylvia in..."
"No description"
16 May 2022
"When Sasha Pavlenko, the son of a Russian politician is arrested in Rome for the murder of a fellow-student, Sylvia's ex-husband and ex-colleague Adam asks her to investigate. Sylvia has another important case in hand - the kidnap..."